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Disrespectful player: kensz

Napisany przez George, 10-03-2015, 18:22
Disrespectful player: kensz
Hi guys.

This afternoon was fun playing on your server dodgeball and a player who has appeared in my opinion was disrespectful. Bothered with the microphone, he stole rockets and kept writing bad sounding words in chat. I took s
ome screenshots because I can not record video without any program. This caused some players leave the game I think.

[Obrazek: YO6hTwk.jpg]
[Obrazek: qyaavCO.jpg]
[Obrazek: iEqK53m.jpg]
[Obrazek: bjMy0OC.jpg]
[Obrazek: TYnVSo6.jpg]

All this has happened in the afternoon. I have finished a little tired of the situation and decided to leave the server running the 5 people over 10 who had when I entered. I hope something is done or is increased surveillance this user do not know what the server range will not know who he is.

His name is kensz.

Thank you.
Hello there, glad you made it through the registration process. :)
Back on topic, unfortunately it's not the first time he behave that way, we realized some time ago he regulary break our server rules as shown on the screenshots made by you. We have turned a blind eye on the case a little, but after your report we decided to make a step forward and punish him with one week long ban, giving him a chance to work on his behavior. If the situation happens again after the current ban expired, he'll be banned permamently. Thanks for your help!

As the additional evidence I attach a chat log from the server:

Thank you. It does not bother me ever steal the rocket but there are many others that if you mind and decide to leave the server and that's what I would not, I'd like to play with many people.


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