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Admin Aplication: Fraudster Dom

Napisany przez Dom, 08-13-2020, 19:24
Admin Aplication: Fraudster Dom
1. Name: Dominik (Dom)
2. Age: Basically 20
3. Steam Nickname: Fraudster Dom
4. Steam URL/ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/DomDaDominator
5. Link to your HLstatsX stats:
   (for an inside joke I have 3 accounts that I play on)
   5.1 https://hlstatsx.tawerna.tf/hlstats.php?...layer=1933    (main account)
   5.2 https://hlstatsx.tawerna.tf/hlstats.php?...yer=341729  (pretty hat + aussie)
   5.3 https://hlstatsx.tawerna.tf/hlstats.php?...yer=341341  (final joke)
6. Sourcemod admin commands knowledge: basic (but I'm at studying cyber security so I can learn (if needed))
7. Server rules knowledge: Perfect? I think? 
8. Were you an admin before? If yes, where?: Nope. Always thought about it but never applied.
9. Why would you become an admin?: Few reasons, um, the obvious, kicking the cheaters keeping the servers clean, helping the community grow (helped many new players already) and just in general to make sure there is an admin even when there is only a few players on as well as to grow the community.
10. A few words about you: Well, TF2 dodgeball has helped me through some shit when I was younger and so I keep coming back to it, to this server, and sometimes it's a little dead, sometimes its full.. regardless, when  do come on TF2 I'm here to have fun :Smile I'm currently at uni as mentioned earlier and have about 800+ ish hours on dodgeball..
11. English knowledge: Perfect, po polsku tez umiem ale mam slabom ortografie bo kawiature angielskom mam i w angli meszkam 9 lat.. But polish and English are both fine when it comes to communicating with players and helping them out Smile.
Application accepted.
Add me on STEAM for more details.

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